Unlocking Productivity: 2 Keys to Motivating Your IT Team

Keeping your IT team motivated requires dedication.  It is often easy to ignore the need to encourage employees when times are good, and it can be difficult to figure out the best way to help them rally after a setback.  In order to provide your team with the support and direction they require, consider these two key areas when determining how best to motivate your team.

Allow the Positive to Envelop the Challenges

Regardless of the overall success of a project, there are always some positive takeaways that should be acknowledged.  In cases where things met or exceeded expectations, taking time to review what efforts made the project a success, and how they can be implemented for future projects, not only demonstrates to the team you are aware of their efforts, but also you want to help them continue moving in a positive direction.

If a project was not entirely successful, reviewing the things that did go right will find the positives in a situation that may otherwise feel quite negative.  Once the positives are highlighted, work with the team to develop constructive feedback on any needed improvements.  Avoid placing blame unnecessarily. Instead, use it as an opportunity for growth and encouragement.  Follow up any critical assessments by reaffirming the positive occurrences to show , though there may be room to improve next time, the team still provided value through their efforts.

In the end, successes should always be acknowledged, and even celebrated when the situation calls for it.  Recognizing hard work and providing praise can go a long way to keeping your team working with the same dedication you have come to expect.

Listen With Intent

While most people understand the value of listening to your team, listening involves much more than simply not speaking.  When you are soliciting feedback and input, take the time to understand what your team values as well as what they find frustrating.

Employees who feel aligned with the mission or goals of a business are more likely to remain engaged in their work.  By learning what your team sees as intrinsically important within your business’s activities, you can help them connect their work with those key points.

By being open to hearing about their frustrations, you can come to understand what about the work, or the environment, may be preventing them from performing to their full potential.  An employee may feel additional training opportunities would allow them to more comfortably perform certain necessary duties, or cross-training would allow the team to better understand one another’s functions while also being available to provide support.

Some team members may express they feel overworked or under an undue amount of pressure, while others may feel they are not being fully utilized by the company.  As you learn about what the team values, as well as the individuals within it, make adjustments to allow each employee to thrive based on their needs and preferences.

Further, encourage them to recommend their own solutions to any expressed frustrations.  By being asked to share their ideal scenario, this can motivate employees by showing you value their judgment.

Looking For Top IT Candidates?

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