What Personalities Make the Best Employees?

Many businesses look for employees that possess specific hard skills. They may consider previous experience or education above all other available qualities. But these aren’t always the ideal traits on which to focus. Hard skills can be taught to the right candidate, but many personality traits are fairly ingrained. By choosing applicants based on their personalities first, and their ability to learn the right skills, you may find yourself with a better employee in the end.

But what personalities make the best employees? Those that possess the traits listed below.


Intelligence isn’t a measurement of what someone knows. Instead, it is an indication of their ability to learn. An intelligent individual will be able to pick up new skills quickly and can adapt to changing environments. Plus, they can take the knowledge they have today and apply it to situations in new ways, helping them solve problems even when they don’t inherently know all of the details.

Choosing an intelligent person means you are selecting a candidate based on capacity and potential. And, when intelligence is combined with the right attitude, it means the possibilities are almost limitless as to where they can go with the proper direction.


A great employee is going to be a person who sees themselves moving towards something great. The thrive on new experiences and have a plan for their careers. Candidates who lack drive and direction likely won’t be easily inspired to give their all. However, an applicant who sees the potential the job holds for themselves will likely put in more effort, which will ultimately be a benefit to your company.


When an employee is presented with a challenge, you want them to have the confidence to face it head on. They need to be secure in what they know as well as their ability to work through problems and deal with the unfamiliar. Often, confident employees are able to function with a level of autonomy, meaning they won’t need someone to hold their hand every step of the way. That, and they are going to be inclined to use their intelligence to find answers to their questions so that they can keep moving forward.

Cultural Fit

One key point that will vary for every business is choosing employees that fit the culture of your company. Different organizations have different methods and norms. Choosing employees that will thrive in your current environment will yield better results than hiring a rockstar talent who can’t work to their potential based on your company’s culture.

For example, a candidate who needs to work without distractions isn’t an ideal choice if your workplace has embraced the open office format. Similarly, someone who values high levels of collaboration might not be the best pick for a remote position that will be based from their home.


Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and someone who is all words may not truly be a person of action. Those with modesty can feel confident without having to brag or showboat. And they often don’t need to defend their value, as it is clearly seen in all they do.

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While finding the ideal personality traits may seem like a challenge, it is certainly worth the effort. If you are looking for your next ideal employee, the recruitment professionals at Resolution Technologies have the expertise to help you find candidates with the ideal traits. Contact us and let our expertise work for you.